6 1/2-Octave Viennese Fortepianos by R. J. Regier


CC - f'''' compass.
Bone natural keys, ebony-capped sharps.
a'=430 c.p.s. pitch
Case and lid veneered of American black walnut or mahogany.
White ash and Sitka spruce frame.
Keyboard shift, bassoon, moderator, and damper pedals.
Alternative pedal function and order can be arranged.
Standard leg length: 22 1/2" including bronze casters.
Maintenance kit and regulation batten.
Weight: 390 lbs.
Dimensions (legs detached): 95" X 47 1/2" X 13"
Design basis: fortepiano by Conrad Graf, ca. 1824, in the collection
of Richard Burnett, Finchcocks.