Extended Compass (80 note) 6 1/2-Octave
Viennese Fortepiano by R. J. Regier


       the case bottom, normally the structural foundation of a
       Viennese fortepiano, to be eliminated, enhancing sound
       projection not only to the audience but also to any
       players behind the fortepiano, where an open lid normally
       creates an acoustical shadow;

       the action, bridge, and soundboard design to be
       subtly changed;

       the characteristic touch and tone color of earlier Viennese
       fortepianos to be retained.

Our extended compass 6 1/2-octave fortepiano was designed in 
1999 after studying, handling, and in some cases repairing several fortepianos by Graf, c. 1830 and later, and one of the earliest instruments built with a Bösendorfer label, c. 1828.