Casters, An Aside


Lost wax casting is a lengthy process having numerous steps:

1. A model (or "master") is procured. It can be an original casting, or wood, or some other material. Three masters are needed for a caster: wheel, fork, and cup.
2. A mold is made of each master.
3. Wax is injected into the molds to make multiple, exact copies of the masters. 
4. The wax copies are dipped repeatedly into a slurry of wet refractory clay that dries to form a rigid, heat resistant ceramic shell.
5. The ceramic shell is warmed, so the wax melts and runs out ("lost"). 
6. Molten bronze is poured into the ceramic shell, filling the voids left by the melted wax copies.
7. After cooling, the ceramic shell is broken apart releasing individual bronze wheels, forks, and cups.
8. Components are machined, assembled, and fit to individual fortepiano legs.