About fifty recordings have been produced using instruments from the R. J. Regier workshop including:

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Concerti No. 1, 4 and 5. Steven Lubin, soloist.
Academy of Ancient Music.
Horn Sonata, Op. 17 (with von Kruft horn sonata).
Lowell Greer, Steven Lubin.
Sonata Op. 57, "Appassionata". Lambert Orkis.
Three performances on fortepianos and modern piano.

Various sonatas. Two of eight fortepianos used for the
complete piano sonatas.
Bilson/Beghin/Breitman/Dütschler/Meniker/van Oort/Willis.

Diabelli Variations (on fortepiano and modern piano).
Edmund Battersby.

François Devienne:
Sonatas, Op 24 for bassoon. Mathieu Lussier,
Benoit Loiselle, Richard Paré.

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