To order a new fortepiano, a non-returnable $100 deposit secures a place on the workshop construction list. Instruments are built in the order that deposits are received. Should a used instrument come up for sale buyers will be notified, also in the order of their deposits.

When a new fortepiano is about to be started, an agreement will be signed specifying instrument details, cost, and payment schedule. We offer purchasers - typically institutional customers - who are constrained in their ability to make partial payments that match construction progress the option of buying a standby letter of credit through Key Bank of Maine to guarantee financial performance by 
R. J. Regier.

Please contact us for a current price list.
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Visitors are welcome to play the fortepianos and harpsichords that are available for demonstration. Freeport is a coastal town 20 miles north of Portland and 120 miles from Boston. We invite your inquiry about new instruments, the availability of used instruments, prices, recordings, concert rentals, or a trip to the workshop.

R. J. Regier
56 South Street
Freeport, Maine 04032
Telephone: (207) 865-6687
E-mail: info@rjregierfortepianos.com